Brand story

Since 1992

Since it was established in 1992, Coulisse has become a leading supplier of window coverings. With customers throughout the world and an innovative product range to meet any style, taste and functionality, Coulisse has developed into a brand that is internationally renowned for its innovation, design and creativity.

1992 – Establishment

Coulisse is established in Enter, in the Twente region of the Netherlands by Christiaan Roetgering. As a trading company in window coverings, the family owned company focuses on importing products from the Far East


2004 – Transformation

With its mission to innovate the traditional market for window coverings, mainly focussed on functionality, Coulisse aims at its own development and continued innovation. The company moves to new premises with 9,000 m2 of storage space and its own engineering department in Dock 36. Coulisse is growing fast and expands its network of suppliers, customers and partners throughout the world


2009 – Fashion

‘Window decoration is an expression of style and individuality.’ This vision is what drives the creative development of Coulisse to its peak. For its collection, Coulisse is mainly inspired by fashion, architecture and art. As a statement, Coulisse introduces the striking Silver White campaign by the world-renowned art photographer Guido Argentini on the R+T in Stuttgart.


2012 – Professionalization

Coulisse enters the American market. With Miami as its base, the brand is successfully introduced in North and South America. In order to guarantee the quality of services and products in view of international growth, the head office in Enter aims at professionalization.


2015 – Development

Another R+T year and thus the three-yearly focus point for Coulisse to express the development it has made in the past years. Coulisse successfully introduces its shop-in-shop concept and the second generation of its roller blind concept, Absolute Roller Blind 2.0. With a mature presentation on a two story booth, Coulisse underlines its development as an international B2B brand and the continuing professionalization of its organization and marketing.e.


2016 – International growth

During the first six months of this year, Coulisse experiences a worldwide boost of strategic partnerships with customers. Evermore clients rely on Coulisse’s expertise for developing concepts tailored to their markets. The Coulisse brand name is gaining worldwide popularity. As a result, Coulisse is showing growth both in- and outside Europe and marks a 50 million Euros turnover by the start of the second half of the year.