Coulisse builds brand awareness in Asia

with soft launch event, showroom openings and more. Last September Coulisse joint a soft launch event to boost brand awareness in the Indonesian market. Coulisse kicked off the Be Inspired by Coulisse-event with a talk show at the ID12 exhibition, organized by twelve senior interior designers and architects, including the famous designer Rinaldy a. Yunardi.

For the occasion of the event, in symbolically combining interior, fashion and window coverings, he created three impressive hats in the shape of a lamp with Coulisse roller blind fabrics.

New Coulisse showrooms in China

Coulisse officially opened new showrooms in Shanghai and Beijing very recently.  The landmark locations in the Shanghai World Financial Center and in the Galaxy Soho building, are  perfect locations to create more visibility with architects and interior designers throughout China and underline the identity of Coulisse as a premium brand.

New factory and showroom in Malaysia

After the success of Coulisse’s launch in Malaysia back in the year 2014, a new factory and showroom in Malaysia were recently built and officially opened in October 2016. In the new showroom Coulisse’s partner Elyza’s presents a high-end roller, double roller and screen collection under the name Elyza’s by Coulisse.

High-end collection books for China

Especially for the Chinese market, Coulisse developed a high-end set of Coulisse collection books, called Be Inspired. The set consists of three beautiful books named Fashion, Luxury and Pure, accompanied by a large format inspiration magazine, bundled in an exclusive felt bag.

Royal Blue – exclusive fashion collection for Thailand

For the Thai market, Coulisse developed the Royal Blue Book, in collaboration with BIW, Coulisse partner in Thailand. The book consists of sophisticated, rich window covering fabrics, including luxurious jacquards and delicate plain fabrics. The exclusive blue linen cover gives a very fashion-oriented outlook.

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