Natural structures in contract design

In today’s modern interiors a lot of cold materials such as glass, concrete and steel are used. An ongoing trend is the use of natural colors and tactile materials. Wool-look fabrics, like flame-retardant roller blind fabrics Richmond and Winchester, are perfect for bringing softness into these interiors. They create a pure and serene look that radiates a comfortable feel. When applied in interior decoration, the natural textile structure of the fabrics make the window coverings come closer to us. They generate a cuddlier appearance that is less aloof. The range of luxury fabrics with this natural feel in our collection allows for injecting warmth, style and emotion into the interior. Particularly in the contract market this is a new and innovative design approach.

The contract collection of Coulisse contains an exclusive selection of different types of woven fabrics with a natural textile look, including that of wool, cotton and linen. The fabrics are all flame-retardant and Trevira CS and available in a timeless palette of natural colors. A large part of the collection even has a width of 300 cm, making these fabrics ideally suited for the contract market.

Coulisse presents the new contract movie

Through this movie, Coulisse highlights the modern and mature architectonic style, with which Coulisse will present itself in the contract market.

The movie shows several projects that were finalized with Coulisse fabrics and hardware and gives a sneak preview of the way Coulisse connects window coverings and architecture. In the last couple of years, Coulisse extended its contract range into a complete and innovative offering, that includes luxury systems and fabrics and in which design and functionality seamlessly come together. With new fabrics, collections, images and video material, Coulisse is preparing for entering this new market segment.

Fast-forward contract design

Apart from tactile Trevira CS fabrics for roller, vertical and panel blinds, our collection for the contract market offers a wide array of different screen fabrics that combine excellent technical and functional properties with fast-forward design. Depending on the color and openness factor, more visual contact with the outside world is retained, while a comfortable indoor climate in terms of light and heat is created. The automation concept Absolute Control offers motorized operation of the blinds individually or simultaneously throughout the building.

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